I am a fine artist / ceramicist. I make slip-decorated earthenware ceramics, exploring the possibilities with slip as a media for working on the clay surface, the fluidity of marks, and the wonders and variations achieved through firing, using traditional techniques in contemporary ways. My work is informed by the place I live, by my interests in the land, by issues relating to the environment – local, global, cultural, political. 

I grew up with ceramics, have taught it at various levels, and have studied Ceramics, Fine Art, Ceramics History in some of the most prestigious colleges in England. I have always maintained my own practice, which has included painting, drawing, installation, photography, and use of found materials. After many years of professional work in art education, working to help others, I now mainly follow a self driven path. There are many projects to develop and things to discover. I have a studio workshop near my home in the Peak District.