I am a fine artist/ceramicist. My work is informed by the place I live, by my interests in the land, by issues relating to the environment – local, global, cultural, political. I currently make slip-decorated earthenware ceramics, exploring the possibilities with slip as a media for working on the clay surface, the fluidity of marks, and the wonders and variations achieved through firing, using traditional techniques in contemporary ways. 

I grew up with ceramics and have studied ceramics, fine art, pedagogy, and undertaken ceramics history research. I have always maintained my own practice, following a self-driven path, which has included painting, drawing, installation, photography, and use of found materials. I spent many years teaching and developing art education assessment material for awarding bodies. I am currently self-employed, making work, but I also like to work with others in community art projects. I have a studio workshop near my home in the Peak District.