All events are subject to COVID-19 restrictions in place.

Sheffield Ceramics Festival 2020

Saturday 19th, Sunday 20th September 2020

I have been selected to show my work with other professionals from the Sheffield environs. This is a lovely event in a beautiful walled garden.

Wardlow Mires Pottery and Food Festival

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September 2020

Derbyshire Open Arts 2020

Saturday 23rd – Sunday  25th May 2020

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I will be taking part in a Derbyshire Open Arts event along with Katie Stabana and Becky Webster at

The Green Man Gallery, Buxton

Our exhibition of work will run from Saturday 23rd May until Thursday 18th June 2020.

‘And the Rain came’

is an installation of ceramic items which creates a visual comment on the current environmental changes which are taking place in our planet. 

In this work I am using ceramics and other media to create an installation commenting on the current climatic change we are experiencing here in the UK and elsewhere.  I first made a piece of work called “Global Warming’ in the 1980s, informed by research based on Greenpeace documents. However the melting off the ice-caps is now alarmingly obvious and has resulted in colossal amounts of rain creating huge floods and devastation in parts of this country. These warnings are something which, like Noah’s story in the bible, we need to take seriously in order to preserve our infrastructure and sea defences. 

Knotted Identities – July/August 2020

I  will be working with KARVAN facilitator and other artists on ‘Knotted Identities’, which refers to the symbolism of the Staffordshire Knot. Using creative non-fiction we will draw on historic and modern influences to reflect on how identities of Staffordshire Moorland communities are constructed and expressed. To do this we will make a journey along trade routes with ‘KARVAN: together we travel’ an artistically-renovated caravan.   I am one of 3 invited national artists to deliver a programme of creative workshops to identified community groups at 9 confirmed locations in the Staffordshire Moorlands.  Outcomes celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of the people and landscape will be exhibited, complemented by an online travelogue which will be produced throughout the process.

Three workshops with local groups in different locations: Longnor with a local group of artists/writers; Butterton with the W.I; Tean with the Youth Club.

Funded by The Arts Council. More information soon.

Workshop – making Piggy banks (sold out)

Hoards – the hidden history of ancient Britain

British Museum and Salisbury Museum Partnership Exhibition

Until Sunday 16th June 2019, Entry / Cost: Free

More Information – click here

Potfest in the Pens, Penrith – 2nd, 3rd, 4th August 2019

I will be showing my work at Potfest in the Pens .

Wardlow Mires Pottery & Food Festival

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September 2019.

I am pleased to have been selected to show my work again at Wardlow Mires Pottery & Food Festival. This is a prestigious event with ceramicists from all over the country showing and selling their work.

I was delighted to have been mentioned in the forward to the publication last year, by David Whiting FRSA, AICA (art critic, writer and curator). He wrote “There is much to enjoy, from Sue Blatherwick’s vibrantly painted dishes and tiles …”

More details of the event on the festival Facebook Page

A Woman’s Place, Knole, Sevenoaks, Kent.  17th May to 4th November,uk/knole

I was commissioned to assist with the making and firing of large tiles (22cm square) for an installation in a National Trust property. The installation concept and painting of tiles was by artist Emily Speed.