I make ceramic tiles. These are individually cut, pressed, designed, decorated with coloured slips, and glazed. The edges have to be smoothed after making and when they are glazed. They can be made in many sizes and colours to suit bespoke requirements, and the thickness can be made to match other cheaper commercial plain tiles. Bathroom and kitchen commissions are welcome.

Hand-made Tiles

I make tiles to commission for kitchens and bathrooms. These are individually decorated with coloured slips.

These decorated hand-made tiles are combined with commercially produced plain tiles for a kitchen and cooker splash back. Each tile is individually decorated with coloured slips before glazing.

In the example below tiles placed within a wooden border create a personalised domestic environment. Each tile is 2 inches / 5cm square, and 6ml deep. This is the same depth as most commercially produced wall tiles so makes installation easy.

Many further images and designs are possible. Please Contact me for more information and images. Commissions are welcome, but I also have a range of tiles in stock.